Iron Order – Inna-Gadda-Blue-Monday

January 15, 2010

My favorite mashup of the week — also available as an MP3 from Bootie’s Top 10 for April 2009

Alabama 3 – Hits and Exit Wounds

May 7, 2008

Alabama 3 - Hits and Exit Wounds
Let’s face it — “Greatest Hits” albums from bands you like tend to suck. It’s all stuff you’ve heard before, out of the context in which you’re used to hearing it.

In fact, when I first heard that Alabama 3 was releasing a “Greatest Hits” album, I was more than a little bit snarky about the whole thing over at Free A3.

However, being the fanboy I so obviously am, I still had to get it. And frankly, I ended up a bit surprised.

Yes, I’ve heard it all before, even the “uncollected” bits like “SKA’D for Live”, which they did with Orbital for the movie SW9 (and of which I am very fond).
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Hangin’ with Alabama 3 at SXSW

March 18, 2008

If you read this site much, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that I’m a big fan of Alabama 3, the UK “techno country” band (“The best live band in the UK” according to The Guardian).

Last week, they were back in the US to appear at South by Southwest Music in Austin. Well, since I’m in Dallas, I couldn’t really not go, could I?

Unfortunately, I had a limited window during which I could sneak off for a day, and I had to book a hotel well in advance of the official schedule. Long story short, we ended up in Austin the night before they were to perform, with no real way to stay over an extra night.
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Rock Freebase Solo Stuff

February 26, 2008

Rock Freebase, the legendary guitarist from Alabama 3 has just released a bunch of solo songs, which you can download now from Amie Street.

They’re not free, but the most expensive one is all of 47 cents, so how can you go wrong? Cheaper than iTunes Music Store, and none of that nasty DRM.

Go get ’em while they’re hot!

(via FreeA3)

Random Nonsense

February 21, 2008

Mac users are teh snobs.
(for good reason, damn it)

According to this week’s “Official Lost Podcast”, this explains how a Dharma Polar Bear could end up in Tunisia.
(Sure it does… Wormholes? Time travel? What’s next, leprechauns?)

Music from the System Folder…

(Somebody’s got waaay too much time on their hands)

iPhone mini-rant

October 9, 2007

Before I get started, don’t get me wrong — the iPhone is still the best phone I’ve ever used, at least for the purposes for which I use a phone.

Doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have a few problems.

Also, I’m not talking about unlocking, jailbreaking, installing third party apps or using my own ringtones. Not that I’m not interested in all of the above, it’s just that until the firmware quits being a moving target (which obviously won’t be until Leopard is out, at the very least), it’s a game for those who are in it for the chase — anyone who’s looking for a stable solution to this at the moment is deluding themselves.

No, my not-so-big but increasingly annoying problem is in using the thing just as Cap’n Jobso intended.

Every so often, I’ll put the phone in the sync/charge cradle (which I do almost any time I’m at my desk), and iTunes will suddenly pop up an error along the lines of “The iPhone “YourNameHere” cannot be synced because there is not enough free space to hold all of the items in the selected playlists (X.XX GB required, YYY.Y MB available).”

Looking at the phone, all of my contact, appointments, mail and photos are available, but there’s no audio or video in the iPod section. iTunes claims that the entire phone is occupied by “X.XX” GB (6.33 GB, at the moment), of “other” data.

The only fix is to “Restore” the phone. This works fine, except:

A) It takes nearly an hour to add my 7ish GB of crap back to the phone.
B) I have to re-pair bluetooth to my car’s hands-free unit and my headset.
C) It’s happening way too often.

This happened again on Sunday (not quite 48 hours ago). Now it’s Tuesday morning. A couple of hours ago I was listening to music on the thing while going through my morning routine, and suddenly it’s back to no media and can’t sync.

This is the reason I’m not chasing any of the third party apps and ringtone stuff, btw — outside of the re-pairing, the fix process is all pretty much hands-off. If I were coloring outside the lines, I’d have to redo that each time, too.

This isn’t a major big deal, and I’m not the only person suffering from it, but every time it happens it pisses me off to think that Apple is spending so much time putting out updates designed to foil those blackhearted rogues that are trying to extend the phone’s functionality, instead of fixing it to work the way it’s supposed to work out of the box.


Make Free Ringtones with Myxer

April 14, 2007

MyxerTones - Ringtones from your musicFor several years, one of the most popular posts here has been a nice, simple 247 step process for making your own ringtones. Download this, convert that, do something else.

There’s a MUCH simpler way — MyxerTones is quick, free, and doesn’t require a degree in obfuscation to use. Got a piece of music you want to make into a ringtone? Upload it, and Myxer will message your phone with a link to download it, in a format that works on your phone. All you pay is the cost of the text message.

Granted, this does require you to have web access on your phone, and in certain cases, it can’t guess the format (it offers you all of the possibilities; AAC worked fine on the N95), but still, this is worlds easier than anything else I’ve ever used.

Give it a shot!
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Woke Up This Morning & Got a Mention in the NYT

April 11, 2007

Larry LoveAlabama 3, that is — AKA “A3” in the US, AKA “The UK’s best live band” AKA “The greatest band nobody’s ever heard of”.

Apparently the New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan managed to hear of them, and decided to talk a bit about them, in place of the last season of The Sopranos, the show that almost put them on the map in the US…

As Mr. Lucas explains: “So you know, although ‘The Sopranos’ is certainly one of my favorite programs, I can tell you that Alabama 3 got royally screwed by HBO/Chase & co. out of getting an ongoing weekly credit for their theme song on the program, which would have helped their currently no-profile career a great deal (I mean, their song really helped make that show … much as the Rembrandts’ tune ‘I’ll Be There for You’ helped make ‘Friends’ a hit — and the Rembrandts get a credit every time ‘Friends’ airs anywhere in the world).

If you’d like to find out (and listen to) a bit more, feel free to peruse the archives here, their official site, or (my personal favorite), FreeA3 – The Unofficial Alabama 3 Fan Forum, which manages to be haunted fairly frequently by not only some great music, but a few members of the band.

(Thanks to Harry for the heads up!)
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Unleaded DRM

April 3, 2007

No DRMI’m already tired of hearing people bitch about the new iTunes Store / EMI deal to offer DRM-free music. The typical whine is about paying $0.30 more for them not to put DRM on the music.

Get a grip, folks — for your $0.30, you also get a reasonable sampling rate (256Kb/s AAC – double the old rate — is awfully close to CD quality), and if you don’t want to buy ala carte, the whole album (without DRM, at 256Kb/s) is the same price as the old DRM’d up one.

Besides, it’s not like they don’t know you’ll go for it — how much extra money did you pay the oil companies to not put lead in your gasoline? And they didn’t even include a feature that was two times better than an old one.

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Ennio Morricone Photo Essay

April 3, 2007

I loves me some Ennio Morricone — the man behind the soundtracks of some of the best “Spaghetti Westerns”.

Time has a great Photo Essay of shots from Morricone’s career, shown to a medley of some of his better known works.

Nice stuff.

(via Binary Bonsai)

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