Gassy Internet

May 12, 2005

First it was DSL over phone lines, then Cable Modems and Broadband Over Powerlines—now Red Ferret Journal is reporting that a San Diego company wants to offer broadband access over your natural gas pipeline. We’ve now hit the point where if it comes to your house, somebody wants to offer data over it—I’m waiting for Jehovah’s Witnesses to start showing up at the door with oodles of DAT tapes neatly tucked into the pockets of their Saturday bests…

Nethercomm’s technology requires no modification to existing natural gas distribution infrastructures and can carry enormous amounts of data by simply making use of the entire spectrum buried within the existing natural gas pipelines. The technology delivers connectivity over the last mile of broadband networks without interference or degradation of other wireless transmissions. By not consuming or sharing costly spectrum, and not requiring installation of last mile cable or fiber, Nethercomm is prepared to make broadband substantially more affordable while increasing end-user bandwidth to unprecedented levels.