Wikipedia in your Palm

June 26, 2005

WikipediaGot a spare gigabyte of storage on your PDA? If so, you can download the entirety of Wikipedia, current to June 2005, in TomeRaider 3 format.

The English version – with images – comes out just shy of a gig (text only is a half-gig); 6 other languages are available as well.

Here’s the whole scoop, from PDA247

You can now download Wikipedia current until June 2005 with images. It is very nice and weighs in at a cool 933 MB.

Each month 30 thousand new articles are added to the English Wikipedia, and 0.8 million updates are applied. For the German Wikipedia the figures are: 14 thousand articles and 0.3 million updates.

Chatter Email for Treo 650 Review

April 5, 2005

I’ve long felt that the available e-mail options on the Palm OS devices was far and away better than what was available for Pocket PC, although I’ve never really figured out why.  This still seems to be the case on the Treo.

For me, E-mail is one of the real killer connected PDA applications, and one of the main reasons I want to have PDA functionality in an internet-capable phone.

I’ve been playing with Chatter Email on the Treo 650 for about a month, and I absolutely love it.  In fact, it’s a substantial part of what I love ABOUT the Treo 650.
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Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal Screen Protectors

March 16, 2005

Boxwave Cleartouch Crystal Screen ProtectorsIf you make a habit of putting devices with displays in your pocket along with keys, loose change, etc., you either use a case with a cover, a good screen protector or you’re going to be very sorry, very soon.

Since a case with a cover isn’t terribly convenient for a phone (nothing like a cover flapping around while you’re trying to talk to make you look like the geekiest nerdboy on the block), when I got the Treo 650 it was time for a good screen protector.

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