June 4, 2005

MSI is still out there pitching in the “just how big is this market, anyway?” small form factor home theater PC niche.

eHomeUpgrade has the scoop on their latest effort, the “MEGA PC 915” direct from Computex 2005.

New-to-the-line features include Instant-On and PCI-Express video support.

Direct from MSI at Computex 2005: “You will find a lot of improved features like Instant-On mode for direct DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/FM/TV playback. No need to boot the system into Windows and you can enjoy video or audio entertainment in a jiffy with a press of your remote control. Based on Intel 915G chipset, MEGA PC 915 supports the latest Intel Pentium 4 Prescott (LGA755) CPU that offers higher computing performance. It also supports the PCI-Express x 16 so that users can easily upgrade the graphics performance by simply installing high-end graphics card.

With Shuttle getting into the HTPC market lately, they’d better hurry if they want to capture any significant numbers here…