What they need’s a damn good whacking…

December 1, 2005

If the Sony Rootkit lesson wasn’t enough to show just how much leverage the online community can muster, Thomas Hawk’s adventure with trying to buy a discount camera from an NYC online camera shop might just do the trick…

In PriceRitePhoto: Abusive Bait and Switch Camera Store, Thomas tells a horrific story about how he’s treated to begin with, and then the threats they made after he told them that he was going to blog the whole story.

“I will make sure you will never be able to place an order on the internet again.” “I’m an attorney, I will sue you.” “I will call the CEO of your company and play him the tape of this phone call.” “I’m going to call your local police and have two officers come over and arrest you.” “You’d better get this through your thick skull.” “You have no idea who you are dealing with.”

These are all direct threats that I received today from an individual who identified himself as Steve Phillips, the manager of PriceRitePhoto in Brooklyn, New York when I called to inquire about my order with them. My crime? Telling him that I planned to write an article about my unfortunate experience with his company regarding the camera order I had placed with him yesterday.

Well, Thomas posted the whole sordid story regardless, and it got picked up on Digg, Boing Boing, and well, everywhere.
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Libraries – shunned, composed, or hidden

August 1, 2004

“That is not dead which can eternal lie,

And with strange aeons even death may die…

…in R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

If you don’t have time for a quick trip to R’lyeh, you can find the Complete works of H.P. Lovecraft here.

But if you should happen to run into Hastur there, at least bring us a decent snapshot—we’ve seen enough blurry photos of yetis, ufos and the Loch Ness monster to last us a lifetime.

You can brush up on your technique at the Photography Composition Articles Library.

For more hidden stuff, you can always try The Invisible Web Revealed—it’s a bit dated, but it still shows you more than a few of the places that search engines don’t readily peer into.

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