iTunes 4.9 with podcasts (sorta)

June 28, 2005

Apple has released iTunes 4.9.

Unless you’ve been in a hype-proof cave somewhere for the past two weeks, you probably won’t be suprised to learn that it does indeed come with podcast support.

Well, half-assed podcast support, anyway.

Apple offers a list of 3000 or so “blessed” podcasts via the iTunes Music Store, or you can add a podcast manually, if you can figure out the interface.

There is no support for doing some of the handy things a decent podcast client (like iPodderX) can do, like choose a playlist to automatically add a program to, convert it to AAC, or make it bookmarkable (the latter being exceedingly useful for spoken word podcasts.)

Even the stuff that is supported appears to be a bit wonky; it took me 3 times of shutting down and restarting iTunes 4.9 before clicking on the “Podcast Directory” button under Podcasts actually took me to the Podcast Directory, instead of the front page of iTMS.

Once I picked a Podcast and set it to download, it failed due to network issues — perhaps they weren’t ready for initial demand?

I assume they’ll get it all sorted out by and by, but in the meantime, I won’t be deleting my copy of iPodderX anytime soon.

Play Podcast Network on Media Center

June 15, 2005

Ian Dixon and the folks at the Podcast Network have put together a neat little utility to allow you to listen to Podcast Network podcasts from the comfort of your own Windows Media Center.

Today the Podcast Network and I have launched a beta version of the Podcast Network on Media Center.

It’s an addin for Window Media Center that enables you to listen to any of the Podcast Network shows (including the Media Center Show of course) on your Media Center PC with the remote.

Home Roasting Podcasts

May 16, 2005

Garrick Van Buren at “the First Crack” roasts up some Monsooned Malabar and chats about roasting and coffee varieties with his guest, former barista Sam Buchanan.

In this podcast, they break out the air popper and put the heat to the beans. In the follow-up podcast, Sam does a “formal” cupping with the roasted Malabar, and discusses some of the art and science of cupping.

Lots of fun, check it out…

Reach new audiences with Podcasting

February 9, 2005

Podcasting has yet to hit the mainstream, but the process has started — in the past two days, USA Today has covered the phenomenon in two different articles.  If you have (or can produce) audio content, there is still time to reach a major new audience as it grows.

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Beyond The Basic Blog

November 1, 2004

Beyond The Basic Blog
If you have a handle on why a weblog is an important element of your small business web site, it’s time to learn how to maximize the value you’re getting from your blog. This teleclass series will give you an essential understanding of topics including:

  • Simplify writing new articles with a much improved editor.
  • Minimize the daily grind while maintaining a great return.
  • Find and retain a new variety of users by adding simple features.
  • Keep your weblog free of annoyances.

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