October 3, 2008

Oh, and “Maverick”? Seriously? Somebody thought that beating that tag until it bled was a great idea?

What do people associate Maverick with these days? Crummy ’70’s economy cars? Old James Garner horse operas? Tom Cruise before he went nuts?

The more these people try to play “folksie”, the more it strikes me as cynical and deluded. And I grew up in a small town too.

(image via Mad Science‘s photostream)


October 2, 2008

I would have seriously given Biden a nice crisp one dollar bill if he would have taken the opportunity, just once, to correct her pronunciation.

What is it that they can school them on the talking points, but not how to say one simple word?


More fear and loathing

September 6, 2008

(in leu of actually writing something — which I don’t seem to be doing much of lately — here are a few videos)

I’m not normally a big fan of The Daily Show, but this hits it right between the eyes…

Neither shaken nor stirred

April 15, 2005

The WSJ is reporting that Two Fifths of Americans have read a political blog.

Still no word on how many fifths would be required to get the rest of us to read the damn things.  (Buy me a handle of Tanquery, we’ll talk…)