Storing Roasted Coffee Beans

October 3, 2005

Ken Wilson has put together a great summary of some exhaustive threads on proper storage of roasted beans.

There are a lot of details, but the upshot seems to be:

  1. Staleness becomes noticable after 10 days
  2. Open or closed containers make little difference
  3. Vacuum storage can reduce flavor loss, but only with a substantial vacuum – 29 inches of mercury limited it to 2.5%, 27″ to 10%, 25″ to 30%; 20 inches of mercury was the same as not bothering (does anyone know how much vacuum a kitchen vacuum sealer pulls?)
  4. Vacuum storage does not contribute to flavor loss
  5. Refrigerating or freezing leads to off tastes

The moral of the story here seems to be “buy freshly roasted or roast your own, and use them up before 10 days (wait two days after roasting for de-gassing)”