Making Cmd-K = Search in Safari

April 9, 2008

Maybe I’m one of the few die-hard Firefox users on OS X (it doesn’t seem likely), but whenever I use Safari, it always drives me nuts that Cmd-K doesn’t go to Search.

Safari Cmd K Search

Click for full-sized example

Fortunately, it’s easy to fix.

Go to System Preferences, Keyboard & Mouse, Keyboard Shortcuts, and press the little “+” sign in the lower left to add a new shortcut. Select as the Application, enter “Google Search…” as the Menu Title, and press Cmd-K in the Keyboard Shortcut field.

Click “add” and you’re all done.

(From 5ThirtyOne via Lifehacker)

Safari formatting problems

June 26, 2005

How embarassing — I’m even a Mac user, and I still didn’t catch that this layout was badly broken on Safari. Of course, that’s mostly because I don’t use Safari any more than I use IE on Windows — I use Firefox on both. But at least I check layouts in IE.

Anyway, it’s fixed now, as is Mediacentric (which has been broken for weeks — sheesh, folks – why don’t you tell me these things? lol…)

Thanks Shaleen for the head’s up!

What is SSL (the “little padlock”)?

December 25, 2004

SSL (“Secured Socket Layer”) is a protocol used to encrypt the communication between the user’s browser and the web server. When SSL is active, a “little padlock” appears on the user’s browser, usually in the status line at the bottom (at the top for Mac/Safari users.)

This assures the user that sensitive data (such as credit card numbers) can’t be viewed by anyone “sniffing” the network connection (which is an increasing risk as more people use wireless networking).

Common web site owner questions about SSL:

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