Dish Network adds Sci Fi HD, USA HD, CNN HD – Finally

April 18, 2008

Battlestar Galactica

Too bad they didn’t have it for the start of the Battlestar Galactica season, but Dish has finally added HD channels for Sci Fi, USA Network and CNN.

I just double checked, and Sci Fi HD at least is on my receiver. Unfortunately, no guide information yet — I may just have to manually start recording Battlestar Galactica tonight. It’s also great news for those tuning in for the season launch of Doctor Who, also.

Along with USA, this finishes out most of my HD must-haves — what are you still waiting to see in HD?

ReGenesis ReTurns

March 5, 2008

Whoa — ReGenesis is back!

Haven’t seen it yet? It’s something like a cross between X-Files and House — “NorBAC”, a lab in Toronto (financed jointly by US, Canadian and Mexican governments) in charge of “rapid response” to “biological threats” — you know, stuff like a reappearance of the 1918 flu, multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis, bio-terrorists, gene splicers run amuck, government conspiracies, politically motivated genocides, etc. You know, all the usual stuff.
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Woken Furies by Richard K. Morgan (Review)

February 4, 2007

Woken FuriesRichard Morgan’s Altered Carbon introduced us to the bleak future of Takeshi Kovacs, where humanity is stretched thin across a number of partially terraformed colony worlds, most of them run by a small handful of powerful elite, and ruled by the iron fist of the UN, the Envoys — a group of elite commandos trained to be emotionless and deadly killers.

Humanity has hit the stars by decoding the barest bit of advanced technology from the Martian outpost of an extinct (or at least missing) alien race, creating a culture where everyone has a “cortical stack” in their spine that records their memory and personality, and can be used to “re-sleeve” them in a new body in the event of their death. Well, those who can afford it. This technology allows the rich to be virtually immortal,keeps the working class fighting to afford an insurance policy that will cover it, and makes sure that the poor get a single brutal lifetime — or “prison” sentences where they are just stored as data while somebody new gets their body.

The same technology has allowed the UN to colonize the stars, with stored personalities and germ cells aboard robot ships that travel the slow sub-light distances to planets identified in the alien ruins. Once a colony is established, the rich can have their personalities squirted across to new designer clones, and the Envoys can be deployed into warfare optimum bodies.

In this world Takeshi Kovacs is a man stranded out on the sparse edge of his own history — grown up as a thug on a backwater colony in the wake of a charismatic revolutionary, trained, brutally used and ultimately betrayed by the Envoy Corps, screwed over again and again as a mercenary and a criminal — the only occupation available for an ex-Envoy, with his past (gapped by years of transport, storage, and the occasional imprisonment) stretching behind him over hundreds of years and dozens of bodies.
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Lightning in a bottle

April 20, 2004

As a public service, here’s our Important Safety Tip of the Day.

Do NOT microwave peanut butter.

At least not in the jar…

One of my offspring labors under the misapprehension that peanut butter needs to be refrigerated.  This of course results in peanut butter that cannot be spread on ordinary mortal bread without ripping, shredding and tearing it.  It also makes it damn difficult to get the last of it out of the bottom of the jar.

Being struck by a stray thought (and nearly knocked comatose, apparently) a bit ago while attempting to do just that, I figured “Hey!  Let’s just pop it in the microwave and nuke it for a few seconds!” It works for over-frozen ice cream, why not peanut butter?

Well, I’ll tell you why not…

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