Watch Serenity now!

October 6, 2005

imageOr at least the first nine minutes of it.

Universal has made the first nine minutes of Serenity available as a streaming video, which you can watch from the comfort of your own web browser; no need to so much as install a player (there is a plugin that autoinstalls.)

Apparently Universal doesn’t intend to be accused of underpromoting this, the way Fox did.

(Mac users — to save you some trouble, I didn’t have any luck getting this to play under Opera or Firefox; it does play just fine in Safari, however. No doubt it works fine on PCs, of course)

(via FireflyFans)

Serenity = Alien Resurrection 2?

October 2, 2005

You know, it’s not like this guy doesn’t have a point…

was it “alien: resurrection 2” or “alien: resurrections”?

the sequel picks up right afterward – with most of the characters unscathed, the rogueish pirate captain and former military man elgin, his dark-haired and gorgeous love interest, hillard, the plucky tomboyish female mechanic annalee call, the ship’s smart-mouthed pilot vriess, johnner, the rough, tumble and politically incorrect “muscle” and christie (the ship’s other former military crewmember, whose loyalty and strength of character is exemplary – and who is the only black person in the betty)… although, in a major retcon, christie is now a woman and married to vriess, but it works, hey, sometimes they gotta change things around in sequels.

anyway, the crew of the betty now has the genetically-enhanced ripley among them – and she is none too welcome. apprently, the united systems has sent an assassin after her, wanting to possess the superior abilities bred into her by their experiments. not to mention that she is kind of weird and psychotic – and gifted with fighting abilities beyond the wildest dreams of the original ellen ripley.

…I just hadn’ t really thought it through (although it did occur to me that the parts of Johnner and Jayne were pretty much interchangable, and I can quite vividly picture Adam Baldwin doing the “I can get you off…” line.) lol…

It’s still all good, and worth going to see; whether you were a Firefly fan, or just a disappointed lover of the Alien franchise. Or anyone else who appreciates a well-crafted action/adventure movie with great writing and superb character work.

Of course, now I have to work out for myself just who’s scarier — Ellen Ripley or River Tam… Admittedly, Ripley did her thing well for a lot of years, but she never pulled off that “I’ll kick you in the back of your head while you grab me from behind” bit of film-fu that River does (it’s in most of the commercials, if you’ve missed it.) I still can’t figure out how she did that; she must have an extra hinge or six in her back…

Serenity – Firefly, the Movie

September 30, 2005

imageI’m just back from seeing Serenity.

I’m a die-hard “I’d much rather watch it on DVD” type, so ducking out and catching an afternoon first-day showing was very out of character for me. I’m glad I did, though. Not that I won’t be buying the DVD for rewind, pause and subtitle privileges, mind you.

I’ll spare everybody any spoilers, and just say that I thought it was very well done; probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. The movie was “very Joss Whedon”, and true to the “take-no-prisoners” style that many of us have come to love (and flinch at occasionally) over the years.

It seemed to me that the story held up very well on the big screen; it was almost a TV season’s worth of plot and entertainment in a 2 hour movie (I was amazed to see that it was only two hours; it seemed a lot longer), without seeming rushed or “over-full”. Several open loops in the series storyline were cleared up nicely.

Hopefully, those who didn’t watch the series can enjoy it just as much — I thought the introduction of the central concepts of the storyline were well done; easy to follow, yet not annoying for those familiar with them. It’ll be interesting to see how their opening weekend goes. I’m crossing my fingers that it goes “start the sequel” well.

Do something nice for yourself and go see it this weekend.

Grrr… Argh…

Firefly finally to air in US

May 19, 2005

imageFor those of you who are wondering what all of the fuss over Serenity (the movie from the short-lived Fox series Firefly) is all about, you’ve now got a chance to find out.

The Futon Critic is reporting that the Sci Fi Channel (the US version) will be airing all 15 episodes (only 8 made it onto Fox) on Friday Nights, along with the new seasons of Stargate SG1, Stargate:Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica.

The full 15 episodes had aired previously in other countries, but this is the first time they’ll be shown on US television.

FIREFLY (FOX) – The Sci Fi Channel has landed the repeat rights to all 15 hours of the short-lived FOX series (and basis of the upcoming “Serenity” feature film). The network’s July schedule lists the series as joining its Friday lineup on July 22 at 7:00/6:00c where it will precede original episodes of “Stargate SG-1,” “Stargate Atlantis” and “Battlestar Galactica.”

This should be great for ramping up buzz for Serenity, in addition to being some of the best damn television you’ve ever watched.


(link to Serenity trailer)