Eye-Fi Wireless SD Photo Memory Card – Review

April 9, 2008

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card
I’m not much of a photographer.

It’s not that I don’t occasionally find things I want to take a picture of, it’s just that I seldom think about it far enough in advance to be sure I’ve got everything rounded up, the battery in my camera charged, etc. to be ready when the opportunity strikes.

Similarly, after I take some pictures, it’s a hassle to gather up the data cables, memory card readers or whatever other gear is required to get them onto my computer so I can deal with them. (Yeah, I’m the guy that used to go in to have a roll of film developed with photos from 12 events over 3 years on it).

That’s where the Eye-Fi card is brilliant. It won’t automatically charge my camera for me, but it does make dealing with pictures once I take them dirt simple.
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