Spaced (Review)

February 4, 2007

Spaced - Definitive Collectors Edition DVDI’m a fan of a lot of British comedies, but this one has to be in the thick of a tough competition for a spot in my five or so all-time favorites.

Spaced, written by and starring Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) as Tim Bisley, struggling comic artist and Jessica Stevenson as Daisy Steiner, a terminally-blocked aspiring writer who meet by chance and end up pretending to be a couple in order to rent a surprisingly cheap flat together after Tim’s girlfriend shows him the door and Daisy can no longer stand squatting with a group of assorted low-lifes.

The story lines center around the two of them, and an eclectic collection of characters including Brian, the bizarre and frustrated conceptual artist downstairs, Marsha, their drunken and man-hungry landlady upstairs, Tim’s gun-toting, soldier want-to-be best friend Mike, and Daisy’s best friend Twist, a pretentious fashionista.
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