Google Reader Wish List

February 8, 2007

Speaking of Google Reader, 901 AM (or I guess that’s 90.1 AM) has a nice list of Needed Features and Fixes for Google Reader.

Most of these are pretty good (although I wonder how small your list of feeds is if you really need a “new story available” pop-up), but the one that really intrigued me was:

Solve Overflow Memory Leak Problems: The ability to auto-refresh or just manually refresh your RSS feeds in Google Reader is a great feature, but the downside is you will find all those feeds build up in your session, and if your running Firefox, this can cause some serious memory leaks, if you use it frequently.

If I could find a place to turn off auto-refresh, I could be a much happier camper with Google Reader (since I suspect he’s right that that’s a lot of the Firefox problem). Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a setting to turn this off — am I missing something obvious?

I’ve gotten around some of the problems I’ve had since they did Video Embeds by using the “U” shortcut to lose the folder navigation while I’m reading — that seems to keep it from locking up all over the place (although there’s still some user interface oddities, like large grey boxes that appear over text occasionally), but if I could go back to the normal view and not have it freeze, I’d be thrilled.

Better RSS Reader Needed

February 5, 2007

Living on the bleeding edge of technology is a pain in the ass some days. I waste a lot of time with use RSS readers heavily — they let me stay on top of things quickly, and allow me to accumulate detailed information on topics that I can drill down into when the need arises and time allows.

Unfortunately, I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to just keep one of them working.

Back in the dark days, when I was living in Windows, FeedDemon was my go-to RSS reader. When I started working cross-platform, I started using Bloglines — the footprint on any given machine was minimal, my “last reads” were updated everywhere, and it worked well.

For awhile.
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Introduction to dynamic pages

February 14, 2005

One of the most powerful features of blogs and other content management systems (CMS) is that they can create pages “on-the-fly” that to all intents and appearances look like a hand-built static web page.  This allows you to focus on developing your content itself, while the software generates the pages for you.
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Reach new audiences with Podcasting

February 9, 2005

Podcasting has yet to hit the mainstream, but the process has started — in the past two days, USA Today has covered the phenomenon in two different articles.  If you have (or can produce) audio content, there is still time to reach a major new audience as it grows.

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When is a blog a blog?

January 19, 2005

One of the frequently heard objections to adding a weblog to a small business website is that they don’t want their site to look like a blog.  Of course, my standard reply is that it doesn’t need to in order to have all of the same functionality.  This can work too well, however.
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Why you should read weblogs

January 13, 2005

You’re a busy person, and you already spend all of the time you can afford keeping up with your industry.  Should you bother taking the time to learn about weblogs?  You betcha — the benefits to your business and your bottom line can be immense, and once you do, you’ll wonder what you were waiting for.

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The Case for Quality

January 9, 2005

In “Blog design in the age of RSS”, “The Long Tail” author Chris Anderson suggests that the new shift towards RSS as a substantial traffic source means that the quality of articles posted to your site is beginning to be more important than regularity in posting in keeping people subscribed to your syndication feed (and thus returning to your site.)
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Site Promotion Intensive

November 1, 2004

Site Promotion IntensiveAre you trying to figure out how to get the right visitors to your small business web site? Do you want to accelerate your traffic to the next level? Then this course is for you! This intensive teleclass series will provide you with a solid understanding of the essentials, including the following topics:

  • The upsides and dangers of search engine optimizations.
  • How to understand and improve your Page Rank
  • When link exchange is good, and when it’s harmful.
  • How to pay for traffic profitably
  • How to leverage emerging technology to improve traffic

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Syndication — Now More

August 7, 2004

For those who tend to read this site via a newsreader, you probably noticed something new, and that’s integration of links I’ve posted to my profile.

This is done automagically via FeedBurner’s nifty new link splicer.

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