Windows Mobile 6 Beta for T-Mobile Dash

March 9, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburFor those brave, foolhardy folks who just can’t wait, apparently there is a beta of the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash floating around.

According to the folks at the XDA-Developers Excalibur Forum (the Dash is an HTC Excalibur), there is a lot to like:

  • It’s noticably faster
  • It adds the ability to edit Word and Excel files
  • HTML Mail
  • Windows Live integration
  • Lots of eye candy

There are also the usual Beta compliment of problems — in some applications the number keys don’t automatically change to Text, it apparently broke Blackberry Connect, as well as a few other applications.

You can find more details, as well as a raft of workarounds for the various problems on XDA-Developers.

Me, I think I’ll wait a month or two for the official upgrade to show up…

T-Mobile Closes Data Plan Loophole

March 5, 2007

Apparently over the weekend, T-Mobile closed the hole that a lot of people were using to access data over the $5/mo T-Zones proxy instead of paying for the $20/mo data plan. This change was accompanied by a predictable amount of gnashing of teeth among the folks who were taking advantage of the situation.

Funny, but my data access was just fine; of course, I pay the $20 a month, too.

Which is not to say that it was wrong to do the $5 per month workaround — it was there for such a prolonged period of time that it would be unreasonable to assume that T-Mobile was unaware that it was there and being used in that way.

On the other hand, when you’re getting away with something like that, it’s rather disingenuous to whine when it goes away without warning — or to complain that those of us who were paying the $20 per month were stupid to do so.

Was I paying an extra $15/mo to have some sort of dubious moral high ground?


I was paying it so that the day was unlikely to come where I had to call T-Mobile, change my plan, and adjust the settings on my phone in order to read my mail.

Sometimes an expectation of reliability is worth a few bucks too.

Parallels, ActiveSync, & T-Mobile Dash

February 28, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburHurray — The new version (Build 3186) of Parallels has been released, and astonishingly enough, ActiveSync under XP actually recognizes and talks to my T-Mobile Dash, running in a virtualized session under OS X on my MacBook Pro (talk about your overland routes!)

I’ve tried this a few times during the betas, with no luck, but it’s working now. Here are the steps I went through to get this thing working…
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T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur) Review

February 2, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburI’ve had a love/hate relationship with PDAs over the years, starting way back with the Newton. The fact is, I’m not organized enough to get much use out of organizer features (other than contacts), but I do love a good e-book reader and a collection of e-books, and when PDAs offering a decent e-book reading experience came around, I tried several.

Eventually, though, I’d get tired of keeping them charged, and carrying them around with all my other crud, and they’d start languishing in a drawer.

When PDAs with wifi came around, the idea of being able to read email and do the occasional online lookup (plus read e-books) got me back into it. After awhile, though, I got tired of poor wifi connectivity (and no connectivity away from it), plus the charging and carrying, etc., and there we are again.

I should note that I tend to bounce back and forth between Palm OS and Windows Mobile (or its name-of-the-day); both have their ups and downs (Palm OS is slow, dated, and multitasks poorly; Windows PDAs tend to have a lack of good aftermarket email programs)

The last time around, I got a Treo 650. Hurray! A PDA and phone made for one less gadget to carry around, and it had data service from the phone carrier.

Unfortunately, the data service was slow, the phone wasn’t a very good phone, the bluetooth implementation stunk (well, it worked like ass with the bluetooth hands-free built into my car anyway), the damn thing was big and bulky, and it had the battery life of a mayfly.
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T-Mobile Treo 650 on the way?

April 12, 2005

It sounds like a T-Mobile Treo 650 might be coming a lot sooner than most of us expected… Gizmodo is reporting a sighting by a corporate customer.

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