Dead Inside?

July 4, 2005

Sometimes, I hate to be right… Showrunner Tim Minear has announced that it looks like it’s all but over for The Inside, his so-dark-it-makes-you-twitch drama on Fox.
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It’s dark Inside

June 25, 2005

Over on TeeVee, Nathan Alderman has a great write-up on “The Inside” — the new Fox summer drama from former Mutant Enemy showrunner Tim Minear.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid he’s hit the nail rather close to the head.
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What’s Blog, and Where Can I Get Some?

November 1, 2004

What's Blog, and Where Can I Get Some?It seems like you can’t go five minutes these days without hearing the term “weblog”. Over the past few years, weblogs (or “blogs” for short) have become a significant force affecting politics, journalism and product marketing. Now small business web site owners are discovering that a weblog can be an important and valuable part of a business website. This teleclass series will bring you up to speed with what you need to know about blogs and your web site, including how to:

  • Use a weblog to bring in fresh traffic and encourage repeat visitors.
  • Pick a weblog package that meets your needs, expectations and budget.
  • Leverage a weblog package to lower ongoing costs of keeping your site fresh and active.
  • Simply and easily keep your weblog up-to-date.

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