Upgraded to Tiger

June 20, 2005

Well, upgrading to Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) was a lot less painful than it could have been, at least so far.

I repaired permissions, backed everything up, unhooked my external firewire drives (important safety tip—ALWAYS unhook your external firewire drives when upgrading a Mac) and then did an archive install.

All that went swimmingly.  I found one left-over startup app from some stuff I used to run that didn’t like Tiger, and wouldn’t shut down cleanly, but it was easily removed.  I did that, and then ran Software Update until it ran out of stuff to upgrade.

Then came the long and fairly painstaking process of upgrading stuff that I hadn’t gotten around to upgrading beforehand.

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Upgrading to Tiger

June 20, 2005

Okay, I’ve updated a bunch of my applications, fixed all of my permissions, and cloned my hard drive to my external drive.

Next step—an “Archive & Install” of Tiger.

If I’m not back in 24 hours, send the posse….