Percussive Repair for Tivo Freeze-Up

March 5, 2007

So what do you do when you return home from a long absence, and find that instead of keeping track of all of the shows you watch, your trusty Tivo has decided to turn into a not-so-trusty Tivo?

Well, first you call for repairs, and then (after being told that you can pay $150 to repair a device they’re basically giving away for free these days), you do this…

I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel — “How to configure a bittorrent client…”

NBC makes threats over Tivo’s portable plans

November 28, 2005

Apparently NBC can no longer afford lawyers that understand Fair Use or the Betamax decision, and have decided that Tivo’s plans to let you move recordings to your Video iPod or PSP are worth making vague legal threats over, according to Variety.

“TiVo appears to be acting unilaterally, disregarding established rights of content owners to participate in decisions regarding the distribution and exploitation of their content,” an NBC Universal spokesman said. “This unilateral action creates the risk of legal conflict instead of contributing to the constructive exploitation of digital technology that can rapidly provide new and exciting experiences for the consumer.”

Maybe NBC is just making sure Variety still remembers they exist? If I was the number four network (among what used to be the Big Three), I’d be thrilled that people even cared enough to bother.

They maybe would do better to be careful to not give viewers any more reasons to tune away from them than they already have.

(via PVRblog)

Lack of HD & multiple tuners killing Tivo?

November 15, 2005

Reuters reports on a new study that claims Tivo is rapidly losing mindshare…

Brandimensions, the research firm that conducted the study, said that TiVo’s standalone set-top box is failing in two areas: its inability to record two shows simultaneously and to play back shows in high-definition TV quality.

“This may not sound like a big deal,” wrote one TiVo user about the latter, “but after watching ‘Lost’ or ‘The Sopranos’ on HD, there is no going back.”

Can we have an “amen” from the congregation?
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Tivo Boredom

November 10, 2005

While things are heating up in the do-it-yourself space (lumping Windows MCE in here, even though many of them are bought pre-built these days), things are sure looking boring a bleak in the off-the-shelf DVR market these days.

Tivo is dinking around with pricing deals and minor features like on-line scheduling (for some users), but they haven’t done anything really innovative in quite a while.

There is no HD support for Tivo other than for the orphaned HD DirecTivo, which probably has it’s days numbered as DirecTV moves towards MPEG4. Now that OTA HD recording is becoming a cheap and established technology, they could bring out a box that included that along with SD recording, to put them on par with the PC-based alternatives, but no signs of that seem to be happening.
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What I miss about Tivo

October 21, 2005

I’ve been Tivo-less for about 7 months now, going from an old 1st generation 14 hour Tivo + a DirecTivo + SageTV, all fed by DirecTV, to a DishPlayer 942 and a Windows MCE system, fed by (no surprise) Dish.

The time away has allowed me a little time to reflect on what I miss about the Tivo experience, as well as a few things I don’t.
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Tivo & Transitional (Un)Fair Use

September 15, 2005

Well, that didn’t take long — last December, when the whole “Transitional Fair Use” thing started rearing it’s ugly head, I said “Tivo seems to be going out of their way to knuckle under to this kind of crap from the content producers, so we can probably assume that our equipment will be “enabled” (more like “disabled”) to enforce this at some point.

Now of course, it’s happened — Tivo users are catching flags indicating “the copyright holder prohibited saving the episode past date XX/XX”. Not on premium content, but on reruns of the Simpsons of all things.

Tivo is busy backing and filling, claiming that a “noise” glitch caused the Macrovision protection flag to be “accidently” set.
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Tivo Download Pics

August 11, 2005

Engadget has up “exclusive pics of TiVo Download “.

Apparently they’re doing a trial of 60 minutes of previews of IFC’s new fall lineup.

The bad news — IFC previews is a long ways from downloading new releases from Netflix.

The good news — Hey! Greg the Bunny is back on IFC this fall!

Tivo on your Mac

June 23, 2005

Are you looking for a way to get video off of your Tivo, and onto your Mac? Over on Global Reset, Scott Hughes has done the legwork, and has great step-by-step instructions for doing just that, via either the command line or the GUI in OS X.

I finally found a workable set of tools for extracting and re-encoding video from my TiVo using Mac OSX Tiger. For reference, I’m pulling video off of a Series 2 DirecTiVo (HDVR2). If you have a Series 1, you have many more options, including TyStudio, which I mentioned in my previous post. AFAIK, both of the excellent options I’m using now should work for all Series 1 and Series 2 streams.

Of course, once you’ve got it in a decent open format, you can do whatever you want with it. Scott watches his on a PSP.

Series 1 Tivo Hack Guide

June 20, 2005

Steve Jenkins has a do-it-yourself Tivo lobotomy kit for your Series 1 Tivo or DirecTivo. Step by step guide to installing a network card, getting telnet access, and installing things like TivoFTPd and TivoWeb.

(via Hack a Day)

Tivo Demos Movie Upload & Download

June 16, 2005

PVRBlog notes that a Tivo apparently uploading and downloading movies was demo’d at a Vegas Tivo meetup recently.

A lot of speculation has been bouncing around about this being the much-speculated on Netflix interface, but several folks who attended say no.

Just what was being demo’d in these pictures still isn’t clear, however.

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