The Return of the Prodigal – Demonoid is Back

April 11, 2008

Holy crap, Demonoid is back!

What was once arguably the best of the private Bittorent trackers, Demonoid started being beset by problems last June, and finally went down apparently permanently last November, after a rather frantic server move. It was unclear to most folks whether the problem was legal issues, server or hosting issues, or issues that the site admin (Deimos) had to work out unrelated to the site.

After appearing down for the count, Demonoid is now back up, under the management of a friend of the old side admin. Old logins still work — if you had an account, you can probably log back in in now, although users are warned to expect some sporadic downtime.

More details are available from Torrent Freak.

Disclaimer: I don’t suggest doing anything that’s illegal in whatever jurisdiction you may happen to live in (yes, there are legitimate uses for bittorrents). I also do not have any invitations available, and I will delete any requests for invites unanswered.