Belkin BZ103050vTVL Mini Surge Protector w/ USB

May 23, 2008

Belkin BZ103050vTVL Mini Surge Protector w/ USB
I had this conversation in chat this morning…

He wouldn’t shut up about it, but I couldn’t get him to bother to write it all up for a review, either.

So, by the miracle of chat transcripts, here’s more-or-less a guest review — the hard way…

heh… just got this…

dude. it’s sweet

3 surge protected outlets and 2 usb ports

i shoulda bought two… 1 for travel and 1 for the imac

this belkin surge protector is brilliant… the 3 prongs can rotate 360 degrees to get you into pretty much any wall outlet configuration

bbiam. gotta shut this off so i can plug the protector in

absolutely brilliant… a usb charging hub and a surge protector…. with a lifetime warranty and will cover up to $75000 if it fails.

i shoulda bought 3… 2 for me, 1 for you

this is blog-able.

there are a number of belkin products i don’t like, but this one seems hard to **** up and if it does it’s job… i’ll be very happy.

damn. i am going to have to get another one.

just thinking back to that last trip and how much of a pain in the ass it was just to find an outlet… let alone find one where i could plug my phone and laptop and the cradle in all at once

i like the 2 usb ports… b/c i won’t have to carry around a usb brick for the phone or an ipod

Sounds pretty nifty, actually. Who knows, maybe he’ll actually get me one…

Belkin BZ103050vTVL Mini Surge Protector w/ USB

Brugo – double tippy sippy cup

November 27, 2006

If you need a complicated $20 mug to get your coffee at the right temperature, Brugo may be just the mug for you.

Available in about 12 eye-watering colors, the Brugo mug will (if you set the dial on the top correctly) allow you to spill some of your hot coffee into a cooling chamber in the lid to cool down to drinking temperature, while keeping the rest of it toasty warm.

This is all in support of what Brugo calls the “Perfect Temperature Zone”, or “PTZ”. The site is full of multimedia showing graphs of how long it takes properly brewed coffee to come to this temperature and how fast it falls below it.

Or you could just brew (or order) reasonably-sized cups of coffee, which cool down to the right temperature quickly, and drink them before they get too cold.

I’m just sayin…

Travel French Press

March 31, 2005

Desktop French Press
Now this is pretty cool.

A french press that’s also a mug, and not done up in travel-unfriendly glass. You toss in your leaves or (ground) beans, add a little hot water, push the plunger and slurp directly out of the press (or pour it into cups if you’re sharing with strangers or the squeemish).

I need to have one of these in my travel kit for hotel rooms and trips off to rural america (where the 3 new starbucks a day haven’t caught up with them yet). Some sort of travel-sized hot pot, a few select grinds, and this would be just the ticket.

(I wonder if they’d like to send a unit to review 🙂

This might even be just the ticket for some of our more camping-happy friends….

(via Vancouver Coffee)

Tea at Sea

April 2, 2004

Marylyn Monroe famed amongst other things for her love of Tea once said that, “World Peace would be with us if politicians drank tea at meetings” – or something to that effect. And she was very true in her words, very true indeed. A cup of Tea does wanders to all that drink it.

Did you know that people in Britain and the Republic of Ireland consume the most tea per person in the world? I always thought it was Japan or China but then their cups are much smaller than our cups! It is also interesting to note that more than 2,000,000,000 cups of tea are drunk every day throughout the world! That is a gigantic amount of cups and I can but imagine how many I contribute to that figure, about one I might guess! In weight terms, that equals out to 2 and a half million tones of Tea being drunk throughout the world every year or from a British point of view just under 6lb’s per person per year is consumed!
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Coffees of India

April 2, 2004

India produces two fine coffees, but even among coffee devotees √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú at least in America √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú they remain relatively unknown and un-drunk. That’s too bad. They deserve to be extolled for the romance attached to them, if nothing else; happily, they also taste pretty good as well.

According to legend, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia. The first big coffee craze, though, occurred in Arabia, where by the 13th century Muslims were brewing and drinking huge quantities of it. Travelers from Arabia took the beans with them wherever they went – beans deliberately made infertile, allegedly, by parching or boiling. Because of this strict export control policy, it is claimed that no coffee seed sprouted outside Africa or Arabia until the 17th century.
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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Travel Mug

March 19, 2004

A good travel mug is a must when you need to take your coffee or tea with you on the road. There are many different types of mugs available, so here are a few tips to consider before you purchase one.

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