Treo 700w (aka Treo 670) Pictures

September 22, 2005

Engadget has gotten their geeky little hands on a Treo 700w (the smartphone formerly known as a Treo 670), and have up an exclusive first look with lots of pics.

A few confirmed specs: Windows Mobile 5.0, one megapixel camera, EV-DO, Bluetooth, 64MB of memory, still trying to conclusively determine the resolution of the display, but it looks to our eyes like it’s 240 x 240 pixels, not 320 x 320. But we’re not 100% on that, ok?

They also claim it ran an SD Wi-Fi card just fine out of the box, so that’s EVDO, WiFi and Bluetooth — almost the Treo of my dreams.

If ony it wasn’t running Windows Mobile.
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