New TVersity Streams Video to XBox 360

November 28, 2006

TVersity on Xbox 360I loves me some TVersity.

I’ve been using this excellent freeware UPNP AV server for awhile to serve up content to my various digital media players, and frankly, it works better than anything else I’ve tried.

It not only serves up video, audio files and pictures, but it’s quite capable of transcoding virtually any odd-format video to a format that can be understood by your media player (it detects the player type and has a reasonably up-to-date understanding of what the majority of players support).

The latest version of TVersity has now hit the streets, and it includes support for On the fly transcoding of video to WMV for the Xbox 360 (it’s supported audio and images on the 360 for awhile).

Yup, that means you can now watch all of your videos on your Xbox 360 without having a Windows Media Center anywhere in the picture.

(If watching video on an Xbox 360 isn’t your bag, you might want to know that TVersity already supports PSPs, Nokia Internet Tablets, various smart phones and of course just about every off-the-shelf network digital audio and digital media player)

Other enhancements in the new release include a new Flash-based GUI, and the usual handful of bug fixes.

See a whole list of what’s new here, or go download your copy here.

(pic above is of TVersity interface on Xbox 360)