Belkin BZ103050vTVL Mini Surge Protector w/ USB

May 23, 2008

Belkin BZ103050vTVL Mini Surge Protector w/ USB
I had this conversation in chat this morning…

He wouldn’t shut up about it, but I couldn’t get him to bother to write it all up for a review, either.

So, by the miracle of chat transcripts, here’s more-or-less a guest review — the hard way…

heh… just got this…

dude. it’s sweet

3 surge protected outlets and 2 usb ports

i shoulda bought two… 1 for travel and 1 for the imac

this belkin surge protector is brilliant… the 3 prongs can rotate 360 degrees to get you into pretty much any wall outlet configuration

bbiam. gotta shut this off so i can plug the protector in

absolutely brilliant… a usb charging hub and a surge protector…. with a lifetime warranty and will cover up to $75000 if it fails.

i shoulda bought 3… 2 for me, 1 for you

this is blog-able.

there are a number of belkin products i don’t like, but this one seems hard to **** up and if it does it’s job… i’ll be very happy.

damn. i am going to have to get another one.

just thinking back to that last trip and how much of a pain in the ass it was just to find an outlet… let alone find one where i could plug my phone and laptop and the cradle in all at once

i like the 2 usb ports… b/c i won’t have to carry around a usb brick for the phone or an ipod

Sounds pretty nifty, actually. Who knows, maybe he’ll actually get me one…

Belkin BZ103050vTVL Mini Surge Protector w/ USB