Evernote – a go-anywhere synchronizing note app

March 30, 2008

I’ve gone through a bunch of note management applications over the past few years. I always like the idea, but most of them require that you adapt yourself to their workflow in order to get the most out of them, or are difficult to access from multiple devices, which usually results in them being more trouble than they’re worth to me.

For the last week, however, I’ve been playing with Evernote, and the more I use it, the more I’m inclined to use it as my go-to organization app.
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Windows Mobile 6 Beta for T-Mobile Dash

March 9, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburFor those brave, foolhardy folks who just can’t wait, apparently there is a beta of the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash floating around.

According to the folks at the XDA-Developers Excalibur Forum (the Dash is an HTC Excalibur), there is a lot to like:

  • It’s noticably faster
  • It adds the ability to edit Word and Excel files
  • HTML Mail
  • Windows Live integration
  • Lots of eye candy

There are also the usual Beta compliment of problems — in some applications the number keys don’t automatically change to Text, it apparently broke Blackberry Connect, as well as a few other applications.

You can find more details, as well as a raft of workarounds for the various problems on XDA-Developers.

Me, I think I’ll wait a month or two for the official upgrade to show up…

T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur) Review

February 2, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburI’ve had a love/hate relationship with PDAs over the years, starting way back with the Newton. The fact is, I’m not organized enough to get much use out of organizer features (other than contacts), but I do love a good e-book reader and a collection of e-books, and when PDAs offering a decent e-book reading experience came around, I tried several.

Eventually, though, I’d get tired of keeping them charged, and carrying them around with all my other crud, and they’d start languishing in a drawer.

When PDAs with wifi came around, the idea of being able to read email and do the occasional online lookup (plus read e-books) got me back into it. After awhile, though, I got tired of poor wifi connectivity (and no connectivity away from it), plus the charging and carrying, etc., and there we are again.

I should note that I tend to bounce back and forth between Palm OS and Windows Mobile (or its name-of-the-day); both have their ups and downs (Palm OS is slow, dated, and multitasks poorly; Windows PDAs tend to have a lack of good aftermarket email programs)

The last time around, I got a Treo 650. Hurray! A PDA and phone made for one less gadget to carry around, and it had data service from the phone carrier.

Unfortunately, the data service was slow, the phone wasn’t a very good phone, the bluetooth implementation stunk (well, it worked like ass with the bluetooth hands-free built into my car anyway), the damn thing was big and bulky, and it had the battery life of a mayfly.
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Gary Whittaker Interview – Media Center Show #12

June 13, 2005

On this week’s Media Center Show, Ian Dixon interviews Gary Whittaker, and talks about Portable Media Center Devices.

We look at Windows Mobile 5 and how that impacts Portable Media Centers, the new Samsung phone and Gary watched the XBOX 360 launch.
We also talked about some common questions Garry has been asked, including remote control problems and S3 sleep mode problems.

Listen here.

Free SSH Clients for Pocket PC

July 29, 2004

eBCVG has a write-up on a pair of free SSH clients for Windows Mobile 2003

One is a “mini” version of PuTTY (PocketPuTTY), while the other (OpenSSH CE)is apparently a port of the BSD SSH client.  The latter is more full-featured, but takes some hacking to install. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like either of them support local tunneling for mail…

But hey, you can’t argue with the price!

Official US Update for Toshiba e-800

July 24, 2004

Two months after it was released for everybody else, Toshbia has officially released the Windows Mobile 2003 SE update for US e-800s.

According to posts on Brighthand, it’s apparently the same version released everywhere else back in May, albeit bunded with a couple of updated applications.

Why’d it take two months?  Go figure.

At least this means that if you put this on your e-800 and it happens to blow up later, you can still send it for warranty service—there were reports that if you had the non-US upgrade on your SE, they’d refuse to support it under warranty.  Several people were told that it would damage their PDA.  Apparently this problem got better, even though it’s the same version… lol..

I hope Toshiba ultimately remains in the US PDA market.  At least they’re good for a laugh every now and again…

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Windows Mobile 2003 SE Review

June 11, 2004

Speaking of SE, PocketNow has put up a great overview of Windows Mobile 2003 SE.  If you’re curious about all of the new features, you’ll want to be sure to check this out.

Update—this is worth reading just for the idea of attaching screen rotation to a hardware button.  Now I can switch between portrait and landscape instantly, just by pressing a button.  Brilliant!

(via PocketPCThoughts)

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VGA PDA — Reloaded

March 25, 2004

Speaking of mobile goodness, Microsoft has announced Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (no idea why it isn’t Windows Mobile 2004), for Pocket PCs, with genuine built-in support for VGA.

Brighthand has all the poop, including the even better news that Toshiba plans a free upgrade for the e800, probably in the next few weeks (they’re saying May for Europe, no official word yet on the US.)

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ActiveSync Primal Scream

July 8, 2003

One of the areas where Palm OS has Windows CE Pocket PC Windows Mobile beat hands down is on synchronization. 

Hotsync just works on Palm OS—in the cradle, on a wireless connection, over a pair of tin cans and a string if necessary. 

At least for me.

I have been fighting with (Windows Mobile) ActiveSync 3.7 for 10 days.  It works fine in the cradle (an improvement from previous versions), but connecting wirelessly, it expects to be able to resolve a name via WINS. 

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