Firefox Features for the Firefox Challanged

April 29, 2008

Lifehacker has an interesting feature on getting Firefox’s best features in Internet Explorer — which kind of leaves aside the fact that for many of us, Firefox’s BEST feature is that it ISN’T Internet Explorer.

If however, you absolutely have to live with IE (I won’t shame you by name, you know who you are), you might be able to find a few tips here…

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Photo Memory Card – Review

April 9, 2008

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card
I’m not much of a photographer.

It’s not that I don’t occasionally find things I want to take a picture of, it’s just that I seldom think about it far enough in advance to be sure I’ve got everything rounded up, the battery in my camera charged, etc. to be ready when the opportunity strikes.

Similarly, after I take some pictures, it’s a hassle to gather up the data cables, memory card readers or whatever other gear is required to get them onto my computer so I can deal with them. (Yeah, I’m the guy that used to go in to have a roll of film developed with photos from 12 events over 3 years on it).

That’s where the Eye-Fi card is brilliant. It won’t automatically charge my camera for me, but it does make dealing with pictures once I take them dirt simple.
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Evernote – a go-anywhere synchronizing note app

March 30, 2008

I’ve gone through a bunch of note management applications over the past few years. I always like the idea, but most of them require that you adapt yourself to their workflow in order to get the most out of them, or are difficult to access from multiple devices, which usually results in them being more trouble than they’re worth to me.

For the last week, however, I’ve been playing with Evernote, and the more I use it, the more I’m inclined to use it as my go-to organization app.
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Whatever happened to Windows, anyway?

March 4, 2008

Microsoft Windows XP
Wow. I just looked at Amazon’s top selling notebooks, and you have to get to number 6 before you find a Windows machine among them — and it’s the only one in the top 10.

  1. Asus EEE 4G (Linux)
  2. Macbook 2.4GHz White (OS X)
  3. Asus EEE 4G Surf (Linux)
  4. Macbook 2.0GHz White (OS X)
  5. Macbook Pro 2.2GHz 15″ (OS X)
  6. HP Pavilion (Windows Vista)
  7. Macbook Pro 2.4GHz 15″ (OS X)
  8. Macbook 2.4GHz Black (OS X)
  9. Nokia 810 (Linux)
  10. Asus EEE 8G (Linux)

You have to get to number 14 before you even find a second Windows machine.


I’m just sayin’

5 Ways to copy music OFF your iPod (Windows / Mac OS X)

March 9, 2007

Apple iPod VideoSo, you’ve got music on your iPod that you don’t have on your computer?

It doesn’t matter how you got in this predicament — maybe you’ve lost a hard drive (or an entire computer), or you’ve accidently deleted just a little too much, and for one reason or another, you don’t have the original source of the music.

If any of that sounds familiar, the time to fix it is now — before you lose your iPod (and your music), or iTunes manages to get set to automatically sync your entire library (its default state, if you have to re-install it) and starts deleting all of the songs it doesn’t know about.

Unfortunately, the standard tool for transferring music between your iPod and your computer (iTunes) is one-way — it’ll put music (or videos, etc.) onto your iPod, but it won’t retrieve it back. Why? Uncle Steve wants it that way, I suppose.

The good news is that there are several ways around this, for both Mac and Windows users, ranging from free to cheap ($30 or so).

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Parallels, ActiveSync, & T-Mobile Dash

February 28, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburHurray — The new version (Build 3186) of Parallels has been released, and astonishingly enough, ActiveSync under XP actually recognizes and talks to my T-Mobile Dash, running in a virtualized session under OS X on my MacBook Pro (talk about your overland routes!)

I’ve tried this a few times during the betas, with no luck, but it’s working now. Here are the steps I went through to get this thing working…
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The Macbook Pro’s Best Party Tricks

May 22, 2006

There are a couple of things that are particularly fun about the MacBook Pro, even for the most jaded Mac user.

First of course is the Windows-in-a-window trick. Since I use Desktop Manger to keep a handful of virtual desktops around, I just run Parallels Desktop on a virtual desktop of it’s own. Desktop Manager uses the same visualization effects that Fast User Switching does, and it’s always fun to watch people’s heads snap around when you click on the desktop pager, and it does the rotating cube thing to swing around to a copy of Windows.
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AVG – Free Windows Antivirus

May 22, 2006

Of course, any time you run Windows — even contained in a virtual window under OS X — you’ve got to run an Antivirus program, or pretty soon you’re going to be someone else’s meal.

While writing the previous post about Parallels Desktop for Mac I happened to notice AVG Free updating itself, and remembered that over the weekend I’d noticed a friend was still struggling with Norton on their Windows machine, and it occurred to me that I’ve never really blogged about AVG Free.
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Parallels Workstation for Mac

May 22, 2006

I’ve been using a Macbook Pro (the first of the Intel-based Mac laptops) for about 6 weeks now. I managed to wait long enough for most of the earliest adopter problems to be fixed in the build I received, but the system was still a bit green and wet as far as stability and quirkiness go.

Fortunately, most of those issues seem to be getting resolved with the steady stream of system updates, along with many of my “essential” applications being updated with universal binary support.

As a result, goal one — having a Mac laptop with decent speed — has pretty much been addressed. When running universal binaries (versions of applications that come with native Intel code, and don’t have to be run via the “Rosetta” emulation system), the Macbook Pro is crisp and responsive. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck with two major applications (Macromedia Suite, Microsoft Entourage) that are run in emulation, but hopefully those will get updated soon as well.

Goal two was a little loftier.
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MacIntel – Dual Boot This

January 12, 2006

There’s a lot of complaining out there about the new Intel-based Macs not being able to “dual boot” Windows. Apparently Apple is using a new firmware specification that XP’s boot loader can’t handle (although Windows Vista (currently in beta) can.)

Um… So?
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